Dear client, dear visitor,



due to the known and unusual circumstances regarding the Corona Virus situation, please be informed about the following changes in our usual practice routine:



  1. The practice will remain open. We are healthy and well and as long as this is the case or as long as authorities allow us to, we will be here and available for our patients. The already arranged appointments remain valid until further notice.

  2. Due to the spatial circumstances in our practice, we can maintain the suggested social distancing (i.e. maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone else) in the waiting area as well as in the treatment rooms.

  3. We will pay even more attention to the hygiene standards in the practice. We will totally refrain from hand shakes. Door handles, frequently touched surfaces and toilet areas will be cleaned frequently. Hand desinfectant will be provided in the washing room. Please wash your hands frequently and thoroughly (at least for 20 seconds).

  4. Should you feel unwell, please cancel your appointment – even if it is short notice – and protect yourself, the people around you and us, your therapists. We also commit to taking any signs of illness within ourselves serious and protect us and ultimately also you from potential infection. This means that we might also have to cancel appointments short notice.

  5. For clients with statutory health insurance we have the possibility of conducting video sessions. This is however only possible for clients in ongoing treatment. Initial appointments for new clients need to take place in person here in our practice or will not be covered by your health insurance. If you have private health insurance please check if and how many video sessions the insurance would cover. Please have them confirm this in writing and provide us with the respective acceptance letter. Self paying clients can receive video sessions without further consent.

  6. The regulations concerning our cancellations policy will be suspended until further notice. However, please, if in any way possible, do try to cancel your appointment 24 hrs. in advance. We are expecting a high demand for sessions in the near future and only through your timely cancellation are we able to offer a free slot to someone in need.



Best wishes to you and your loved ones and let's hope that we will all get through these unusual times okay...




...and... also, this will pass




Karin Pommersheim