Statutory Health Insurance

Being a SHR-accredited psychotherapist, your Statutory Health Insurance will cover our fees.


Private Health Insurance

Depending on your individual contract, your private health insurance may or may not cover the fees for psychotherapy. 


Please find out about your very own conditions specified in your contract and make sure to check the following things:


How many sessions are covered in a given year?

Does your insurance cover 100% of the bill? Some plans cover 100% up to the yearly maximum. Others cover only a percentage of the bill - often 80% or less. When does the year change? Most insurances start a new year on January 1. This enables many people to start with a few sessions in the fall of one year, and continue after New Year’s using their coverage for the next year. Some insurances may start the year at different times, however.


Self paying clients

There are a number of reasons and advantages of self-pay. First, your therapy remains completely private (with the exceptions to confidentiality such as in the event of persistent suicidal ideation, etc.).


No reports of your treatment are shared with your insurance and all records remain with the therapist only.


Also, if you were using your insurance benefits, you would have to be assigned a psychiatric diagnosis in order for the provider to justify the medical necessity for the services provided. Once such diagnosis code is recorded by the insurance, it becomes part of your health care record and could potentially compromise your ability to get current or future health or disability insurance. 


Our fees for self-paying patients are as defined in the current “Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeuten” (GOP). However, the fees will be agreed upon individually and the details will be fixed in written form.